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Making of: Compact Mirror Designs by JSmallDragon Making of: Compact Mirror Designs :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 7 2 Compact Mirrors with Polymer Clay Designs 2 by JSmallDragon Compact Mirrors with Polymer Clay Designs 2 :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 19 6 Seashell Pendants - New Snail Shells by JSmallDragon Seashell Pendants - New Snail Shells :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 21 2 Princess Zelda Themed Journal by JSmallDragon Princess Zelda Themed Journal :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 28 6 Glow in the Dark Space Painting - for carrie-lou by JSmallDragon Glow in the Dark Space Painting - for carrie-lou :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 5 3 Vesper - Art Trade with heathergk0 by JSmallDragon Vesper - Art Trade with heathergk0 :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 5 7 Chinese/Lunar New Year Hairclips by JSmallDragon Chinese/Lunar New Year Hairclips :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 17 0 Fairy House by JSmallDragon Fairy House :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 20 11 Mini Bookshelf Business Card Holder by JSmallDragon Mini Bookshelf Business Card Holder :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 23 4 Koi Pond by JSmallDragon Koi Pond :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 15 5 Koi Fish Pattern Cane by JSmallDragon Koi Fish Pattern Cane :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 11 4 Book Cover for adelesimone88 by JSmallDragon Book Cover for adelesimone88 :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 2 2 Glowfish by JSmallDragon Glowfish :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 18 12 Compact Mirrors with Polymer Clay Designs by JSmallDragon Compact Mirrors with Polymer Clay Designs :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 11 3 Polymer Clay Scrap Turtles by JSmallDragon Polymer Clay Scrap Turtles :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 8 8 Autumn Colours by JSmallDragon Autumn Colours :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 12 8


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Making of: Compact Mirror Designs
Here are my polymer clay compact mirrors, next to their original hand drawn designs.
If you go left to right, top to bottom on the above picture, that's also the order that these were designed in.

I've been doing a lot of these for an upcoming convention, and they'll always be available in my Etsy store.

The style I use here is one I developed for these book covers I wanted to do them on a much smaller scale, since the journal covers take about 2 days to make.

To start designing these, I pick a number - 3 or 4. This determines the kind of symmetry the design has and how I split the pieces on it, and how many crystals are set in it.
I also decide whether I want it to have the colour behind the silver (the white and dark blue ones in the above) or have the coloured parts set on top.
I have some loose style rules on these, I guess it keeps the look cohesive. It's always a combination of straight and curved lines, with the silver parts being curved and the smaller coloured parts being some kind of pointy kite-ish shape unless they're a large piece in the centre. Then they have curved sides.
The curved lines are made with a circle stencil. Nothing too fancy.
I also look at negative spaces as well as the positive spaces. I want the designs to work well both ways.
Some of these were loosely inspired by shapes found in cathedral architecture. I like the way the arches and curves open up spaces, since they were designed to let more light through. The one on the far right (green) was drawn while watching ABC's/BBC's Stargazing Live, and was thus influenced by swirling galaxies and celestial objects.

I made copies of all the designs and cut them into templates for the clay.

All coloured parts are made and baked first. They're made with Fimo Soft gemstone effect clays so they're a bit shimmery and translucent.

Then I make the silver parts, most of it is actually black clay brushed with silver PearlEx powder. Silver coloured clay is only used for the thin borders. I poke little dents in them to set the crystals with a tool I made, it's just a small rod with the end cast from the back of the pointy crystal. You can see it at the top of this photo .

After it is baked and glazed, the crystals are set in it and I glue it to the compact mirror. I can make about 4 of these in one day, not counting the time it takes for everything to fully set and dry. The borders take the longest to do, and I'm usually aching by the end of it if I try to do too many so I usually make 2 or 3 a day and work on something else.

I've made 42 for this year's convention :).
Compact Mirrors with Polymer Clay Designs 2
I've been working hard to create some new designs for these so here they are!

I'm hoping to take a lot of these into the convention I'm selling at in June. These 7 designs will be available in a variety of colours including the ones shown above plus red and white. There's 5 different crystal colours which can be seen in more detail in the link below. I'm also going to be expanding the number of crystal colour options available the next time I order from my suppliers.

In the meantime, these are available for sale in my Etsy store. Please check them out here  - Ice Blue - Green - Yellow - Pink - Aqua Blue - Purple - Agate Blue
If you'd like a particular design in a different colour, I'm happy to take custom orders. :)

Made with Fimo Soft polymer clay & gloss glaze, a silver tone compact mirror, PearlEx powder and Crystals from Swarovski.
Seashell Pendants - New Snail Shells
More seashell pendants, with a new design - snail shells :). I gave them a bit of an ammonite look with the ridges.

I recently had a commission to make a matching set of earrings to go with a clam/scallop pendant. Earring requests are most welcome!

Anyway, the above pendants are available for purchase from my Etsy store, details and more photos in the links below:
Red Clam
Light Blue/Purple Clam
Yellow Snail
Green Clam
Blue/Green Snail
Purple Clam
Black Clam
White/Blue Snail

If you don't use Etsy, other purchase methods are listed here .

Made with Fimo Soft polymer clay & glaze and crystals from Swarovski.
Princess Zelda Themed Journal
Some fanart for pinkythepink 's Monthly Feature Challenge, the theme this month being The Legend of Zelda .

I threw around a few ideas (originally I was thinking of doing something from The Wind Waker or The Minish Cap) and decided to make something based on Princess Zelda. This book cover is based off her Twilight Princess design because I felt that the style meshed with my art style the best (for book covers anyway). That was also the game that I finished after suffering massive headaches and nausea due to motion sickness caused by the graphics if I didn't stop to lie down after every half hour.

The elements in her tiara and jewellery are used in the border and the central design is based off the pattern on the front of her skirt. The jewels in the Triforce are crystals from Swarovski.

Made with Fimo Soft polymer clay and gloss glaze, J.Burrows Coloured Journal, PearlEx powder, and Crystals from Swarovski.
Glow in the Dark Space Painting - for carrie-lou
Happy birthday carrie-lou !

Some glow in the dark art I made with polymer clay and rhinestones on canvas with acrylic paint. Also glitter. Glitter Moon

Blue is her favourite colour so I sponge painted several shades of blue in the background and added some metallic effect paint in the top layers. The polymer clay moon and planets/stars are made with glow in the dark clay brushed with Pearlex micropearl and sealed with Fimo gloss glaze.

She likes psychedelic art, which I am completely incapable of doing well :| (Blank Stare) . So I attempted something glittery and sparkly instead Giggle .
Who likes tea? Tea 

My friend Celia who I've known since high school has just opened an Etsy shop selling certified organic herbal teas! Please check out her store Wild Earth Organic Teas :D .

She mixes the blends herself and uses ingredients such as hibiscus, chamomile, lemon myrtle and lavender. Have fun browsing her shop!


JSmallDragon's Profile Picture
Jacqueline Siew Leng Chuah
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I got into art & craft when I was about 10 years old and bought a kit to make plaster of paris tropical fish. About 2 years and countless painted fish later, I said to myself "What am I going to do with all of this?!?"

I stopped making the fish for a while but I had a lot of acrylic paint left over from it and started doing other things like decorating wood boxes, doing beaded jewellery, temporary stained glass, stencilling...etc. And from that kept accumulating lots of craft materials.

I've been learning to draw since about 2006, and I'm currently working mostly with polymer clay.

I have an Etsy store:
I can also be found on Pinterest:

Here you'll find mostly drawings, some photos, things I have for sale and the other random crafts I dabble in.


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